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  • Welcome to Pro-Elite Community Group

    Pro Elite Community Group is a platform where communities or Stokvel members around the globe want to achieve one goal, and that is to be successful in life. PEC Group is an internet based community platform that is utilized by the members to help one another succeed. This initiative was to ensure that there is no family that goes without food on the table and also to ensure that every child goes to school, but you cannot help someone unless you have enough yourself. The slogan is "Feed At Least One Family and Educate At Least One Child" and is the whole drive behind this initiative.

    All funds transferred to another participant is help given by your own good will, absolutely gratis. PEC belongs to all who are members and affiliated to the Group. There is no restraint by law that forbids anyone from being a member of a Stokvel or Community Group in any country. Funds circulate among the members of the community and are kept in the respective members' banking accounts around the globe. To be a member you need to register into the system and you will have access to an international banking account that will be created.

How does it work?

PEC group can realize your dreams in three ways. Trusted exchange Everyone has dreams, but most of us have not been able to implement them. And all you need to do is set a goal and take the first step to determine the value of your dreams...

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How doe it work?
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Fullfill Your Dream!

In PEC group everyone can fulfill their dream due to the help one receives from others.

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How to Get Involved?

In order to begin and fulfill your dreams and desires, you must register on the official community site

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